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About Nathalie Schuterman

At Nathalie Schuterman we strive to not be merely a purveyor of fashion; but a haven for the discerning aesthete. Our platform is a carefully curated collection of luxury fashion that seamlessly blends our own eponymous label with offerings from talented international designers. As a fashion destination, we endeavor to transcend the ordinary and deliver a truly extraordinary experience. Our collection is a diverse and thoughtfully curated selection of items, all carefully chosen to embody the unique Swedish aesthetic that defines us. Join us on a journey of artistic expression and sartorial discovery, and experience the magic of Nathalie Schuterman.

The Story

Swedish fashion entrepreneur, Nathalie Schuterman, founded her eponymous fashion boutique in 1998. Having studied fashion merchandising in London, she opened her first store at the age of 26 in the residential area of Stockholm. Her ambition was to provide a collection of international fashion that translated to the Swedish aesthetic and need for utility, catering to the needs of the modern Scandinavian woman. 

The Nathalie Schuterman store has established itself as a fashion destination for more than three decades offering a carefully curated selection of luxury fashion. Today we offer a mix of our own eponymous label with a curated offering from talented international designers

The Brand

Nathalie Schuterman founded her own eponymous brand in 2018.  The collection comprises of high-quality day-to-evening prêt-à-porter, designed to reflect the unique style and needs of modern women. 

Located in Stockholm, our brand combines European craftsmanship and functionality of Scandinavian design.  Our brand values elegance and exceptional craftsmanship, and we infuse these values into every piece we create.

At Nathalie Schuterman, we prioritise craftsmanship and artisanal details, and all our garments are made in Europe with the utmost care and attention to detail. We believe that everything starts with the fabric, and that's why we use only the highest-quality, carefully selected materials and fabrics to create our designs.


In addition to its focus on design and quality, Natalie Schuterman is committed to sustainability. The brand works closely with responsible suppliers and manufacturers to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout its operations. The brand's commitment to sustainability, combined with its focus on design and quality, sets it apart in the luxury fashion market.

Overall, Natalie Schuterman is a brand that embodies luxury, sophistication, and timeless design. The brand's commitment to sustainability and high-quality materials makes it an attractive choice for consumers who are looking for a premium fashion experience. Whether you're looking for an outfit for a special occasion or a beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe, Natalie Schuterman has something to offer.