Cult Gaia, the Los Angeles-based label founded by Jasmin Larian, has gained social media recognition for its covetable 'Ark' bag. This crescent-shaped bamboo clutch showcases a timeless and offbeat allure. Larian draws inspiration from vintage pieces and strives to maintain sustainable practices. Cult Gaia's creations are Objets d'Art first and foremost, with utility being a secondary consideration. Many of their bags stand on their own and have a sculptural quality that makes them stand out. The design ethos is to make pieces that turn heads and are perfectly imperfect. Like nature, no two items are the same, and nuances add to their beauty. The brand draws inspiration from nature and women, hence its name. Cult Gaia's aim is to unite like-minded individuals with their aesthetic ideals, creating a cult-like following. Gaia, the goddess of Mother Earth and daughter of chaos, represents the brand's most creative force.